Managing Individual Readiness

Simple Tips for Leaders…

Organizations Don’t Change – People Within Organizations Change

You cannot manage change at an organizational level until you know how to manage change with a single individual.* Helping employees to prepare for and successfully manage their transition through times of uncertainty is a foundational attribute of effective leaders.  It’s imperative that leaders recognize that there will be individuals at all stages of readiness, each requiring a different effort for motivating them to the next stage on the change continuum.

It Starts With You

Consider three personal changes that you have made in the past five years. These changes could represent a strategic or behavioral change at work, or a change in your personal life, such as an improvement in your diet, exercise routine, or personal relationships.

  • What did you do to prepare?
  • What support did you seek to motivate you to change your way of thinking or behaviors?
  • Did you have to seek out resources to build new skills or knowledge?
  • How did you celebrate your successes?
  • What did you do to sustain the results?

How Can You Influence Success?

  • Generate awareness on the business rationale (context) for the change
  • Define the nature of the change and understand the impact of the proposed change on each individual associate in the organization
  • Identify the capabilities you and others in your organization will need to support the change
  • Give yourself and others the permission space to implement the required skills and behaviors
  • Create reinforcement mechanisms that are meaningful and specific to each individual impacted by the change
  • Most importantly, take the time to celebrate progress and accomplishments

Gentle Reminder…

Change is fundamentally an external event which requires individual shifts in perspectives, behaviors and performance.  When change happens, leaders are critical players in cultivating an environment where associates are able to effectively transition, adapt and adopt the new way of thinking and working.

For More Information about the Authors: Rhonda L. Frith-Lyons & Tracy Richardson

*Source:ADKAR: A model for change in business, government and our community by Jeff Hiatt

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